Plan, Organize & Participate in live experiences around the world

Connecting people to live experiences

SpoutBuzz is a beautifully crafted event platform that makes it stunningly easy and simple for anyone to find and create live experiences anywhere, anytime, on any device with no cost or risk.

How it Works


step1Meet Tim. Tim runs a startup company and thought it was a good idea to go to a technology conference to learn some new skills, network with colleagues and promote his small business. Tim explored amazing live events on spoutbuzz and discovered a great tech conference in San Francisco that he thought would be a great experience for him and his team. Even though you can always explore events on SpoutBuzz absolutely free, its even better to sign up to receive alerts, event notifications and travel deals and other cool features. Creating an account with SpoutBuzz is easy, with our social login feature. You can login in either with google, Facebook or twitter or you can easily create an account directly with SpoutBuzz so you won’t have the “login/register” friction. After logging in, you’ll be able to create, rate and favorite events and live experiences in no time!

At SpoutBuzz, we believe the world is full of amazing live experiences. Our goal is to connect people around the world to those experiences, enabling them to better manage the ones they love while exploring and discovering new ones.

Explore and discover great live experiences


creategroup1 While planning his trip to the conference, Tim and his team thought it would be nice if he could meet with customers, colleagues and prospects while he was there, so he logged onto spoutbuzz to create his own meeting event. Submitting an event using SpoutBuzz is super simple, we’ve made entering the address of your event easy, just put in the address and our smart application will find it and display with Google maps using our Google Places API and will auto complete the listing address no matter where it is in the world and combine that with video, presentations or documents.

You can even fully customize your live experience submission by offering multiple ticket options including reserved seating, track real time attendance progress, collect payment form participants. and even promote your event with promo tools. One solution. One great experience.

Create amazing live events


step3bBefore the conference and networking event, Tim and his team wanted to make sure that they were targeting their marketing and promoting the event to the right audience, so they engaged with the SpoutBuzz market team to place targeted ads within the spout buzz ad network to boost attendance and ensure a successful event . With SpoutBuzz you’ll get more out of your live experience because you can plan, organize and promote all on one platform. Let participants spread the word with built in sharing tools.

Of course we don’t stop there. Organizers can check the weather at your event, get email alerts, engage your audience with polls, surveys, and speakers with mobile apps, allow participants to connect with networking tools, have participants rate and review your events, amplify the event with audio visual equipment,  and even reserve and book accommodations and transportation. Our goal is not to just sell you a ticket but to be your number one platform for enjoying live experiences around the world.

Market events to targeted audiences


sellgroupAfter the successful event, Tim is super excited to attend again next year and make his networking event an even bigger platform to attract new customers. Tim and his tea engaged with SpoutBuzz to learn more about their prospects and the people who attended the vent and similar events around the rold.

With Studiometrix analytics by SpoutBuzz, no decision is left to chance. Everyone throughout your organization can gain new insight, identify opportunities and act faster by applying analytics. We help redefine the way organizations can connect with their customers, attendees and participants in an always on the go world where live experiences flow through digital, retail, social, mobile and commerce as part of a single moment. We design and build interactions that connect brands with every touch point, on every platform, to potentially every customer, around the world.

Sell more with Analytics

Top 5 Questions We Hear Customers Ask

Can I list any event

Yes you can. Spoutbuzz is simple, fast and easy to use and most importantly free. Although we focus on professional events, anyone can create an event for almost any reason. From small meetings between colleagues at a coffee shop, a launch party for a website, a new restaurant opening, a book signing for a celebrity author, to major conventions and conferences for thousands of participants, SpoutBuzz serves as a platform to connect explorers to live experiences anywhere around the world.

How much does it cost?

Our platform is absolutely free to explore and create events. No expiring trial, contract, or credit card required. To take advantage of additional tools and resources, simply upgrade to one of our simple plans to gain access to advanced analytics,  reporting, and enhanced features.

How do I get started?

For explorers, that’s an easy one. To explore events, simply goto browse events at the top of the page or go to and input the type of event you want to attend and the location and start reviewing great events in your area.

For creators, its just as easy, sign up and create an account and complete the create an event form. After you’ve created your event, you can upload documents, invite guests, upload video and more. If you want to access even more tools and resources for your event, simply upgrade when you’re ready.

Is there a mobile app?

Why yes there is. is a responsive site and mobile app that can be accessed across all mobile and desktop devices. For professional subscribers, we have an event app that includes tools for networking, registering at events, connecting with organizers and speakers and more.

Can I sell tickets?

Absolutely! Although we don’t consider ourselves a ticketing system  or site, we know that creators and organizers need the flexibility to be able to sell tickets through our platform if necessary. The best part is, unlike some other sites, we don’t charge a per ticket fee other then the transaction fees from your pay source. Selling tickets is free of spoutbuzz fees so you can maximize your revenue. If you’ve already got a ticketing vendor, we will be more then happy to pint your participants and attendees to your ticketing source.  Just list your event on spout buzz and then provide the link to your ticket gateway. Simple and easy!


All your event tools in one place

From registration to check-in, to notifications, networking, games, mobile apps and audience response, SpoutBuzz does it all.

We understand the stress of managing dynamic live experiences and the multiple vendors that go along with them, thats why we’ve built a platform that lets explorers connect with events world wide, and that creators can use to make their events best of class no matter how big or small.

We’re not built as a ticketing system like other sites, we’re built as a connection tool for creators and explorers to boost attendance and participation to any live experience. and no matter which one you are, you can create or search for events absolutely free.

Anywhere, Everywhere

When planning, organizing and creating your events,you need the flexibility to do it whenever you can. With fully native apps for iOS and Android, whatever you do on one device is reflected everywhere. Everything is in sync. With the SpoutBuzz event mobile app, attendees can register, network and schedule tasks for your event all in one place.


Want to get started?

SpoutBuzz is a community of creators and explorers, not just an event or ticketing site, our goal is to connect people around the world with live experiences that can effect and change their lives. No matter wether you’re creating or exploring, the best part is its absolutely free to get started.