SpoutBuzz for Non-profits and Institutions

Non-profits, Governments and Institutions can use Spoutbuzz to list, manage and promote live experiences around the world.

SpoutBuzz lets you expand the reach of your institution’s events, such as graduations, presentations, lectures, public announcements, political campaigns, press conferences, or town hall meetings, and sporting events. Constituents, supporters, voters, students, parents, and alumni can connect and participate with any live experience around the world.

With SpoutBuzz, Institutions and non profit organizations can create a best in class experience, boosting participation, increasing awareness, and extending the reach of the organization to a universal audience that enables it to maximize its impact around the world.

Amazing Live experiences

Convenient Venues

From flexible meeting spaces to attractions and restaurants that double as one-of-a-kind event venues, SpoutBuzz will help you make a lasting impression on your participants.

Great amenities

Whether you need accommodations or meeting space to host your special event, we partner with travel properties around the world for meetings of all sizes.

Affordable price points

From finding the perfect venue to boosting attendance for your event, SpoutBuzz provides personalized services to ensure your meeting is successful and an unforgettable event and you can get started absolutely free.


Unparalleled Event Solutions

Streamlined expense reporting

The SpoutBuzz platform is not just for listing events, its also a tool to help organizer and creators manage the entire process. Just mark the box for enterprise event and we’ll take care of the rest, making it easy for your company to reimburse you or pay for your event expenses automatically.

Priority status

Our Event Concierge team will provide unparalleled service to assist you throughout the entire planning process. Attendance promotion, public relations and personalized assistance are among the services we provide our clients to ensure a successful event here no matter where in the world it is. Consider us an extension of your team.

All the tools non-profits and institutions need to plan, organize, and promote your next live experience

Link your Spoutbuzz Account

Link your existing SpoutBuzz account, with our event app, travel and ticket sites if needed.

Search for Venues that work

Discover awesome venues and facilities for your event that best fit your needs, to produce a one of a kind live experience.

Select Non profit

When complete creating your event, indicate this is a non-profit event so your organization can reimburse you.

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