Human Intelligence & Analytics

Understand your customers and the people who attend and participate in your events while anticipating their needs

Acquire, grow and retain customers & participants

Use analytics from SpoutBuzz Studiometrix to target the right customers with predictive modeling. Identify dissatisfied customers and attendees by uncovering patterns of behavior. Address customer service issues faster by correlating and analyzing a variety of data.


Anticipating your participants next actions.

Personalize the live experience for your participants by making recommendations that are most relevant to each unique explorer based on their buying behavior, web activity and social media presence.

Customer Intelligence

See what your customers are doing across digital and mobile channels. Understand their journey across touch points and Identify trends on digital properties and digital marketing. Our solution delivers broad capabilities in a managed cloud environment. It captures and manages each visitor interaction on your event page, website and mobile applications.

Predictive Analytics

SpoutBuzz predictive analytics can take you from guesswork to prediction by showing you where you are now, and where you can go next. It empowers you to analyze trends, patterns and relationships in your structured and unstructured data, apply those insights to predict future events, and act to achieve your desired outcomes.

Video Intelligence

Your participants no longer have to be there in person for you to reach a broad audience with Video Intelligence Solutions. Harness the power of big data to deliver high quality online video experiences around the globe, across every imaginable device. We’ll help you build more engaged audiences and earn more money from video of your live experiences.

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