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Maximize revenue by selling tickets and registrations with spoutbuzz.


Connecting people to live experiences around the world

We help event creators and organizers connect people to their live experience, sell more tickets, and engage their audience, boosting participation and better managing events. Our tools are easy-to-use and great for both small and large events.

Sell tickets anytime

Create your own customized event page and redirect spoutbuzz to your site, or sell and embed ticket sales directly on spoutbuzz, organizing your event, your way.

Receive payments, make money

Secure , simple and easy online credit card payments, no merchant account needed with no setup, monthly or hidden fees. Get payments fast.

Customized your way

Create variable ticket types, configure customized checkout, conduct email marketing campaigns, and offer coupons and discounts and printable ticket tracking, and much more.

Live in the Moment

Connecting the Pieces

SpoutBuzz is the perfect platform to plan, organize and promote any event, in any location, of any size, connecting the pieces for you to create an amazing live experience.



SpoutBuzz Fees

*Credit card processing fees from paypal or stripe apply

With SpoutBuzz, no matter how large or small your event, or wether its free or ticketed, there are absolutely no hidden fees. No contract, no set up costs, no monthly fees, no withdrawal fees and no termination fees. Creators and participants pay absolutely nothing to register for free events. Use all of our tools and apps for free to start, only add features when you want or need them.

Custom Tickets

You can create your own customized event page and sell tickets through SpoutBuzz or, link ticket sales or registration directly to your website with no redirect to SpoutBuzz.

Advanced Selling

Sell multiple ticket types, customize checkout, retool your email marketing, offer coupons and discounts mobile registrations with QR codes.

Social Sharing

Inspire explorers and participants to become advocates for your event. Buzzlink will give incentives for people to tweet ticket links, post event to FB, or share it on Google+.

Easy Payments

Fast, secure and easy online credit card processing, no merchant account needed. With Spoutbuzz there’s zero setup, monthly or hidden fees.

Ready to get started!

Zero setup, monthly or hidden fees and low cost payment processing.

We’re not just about selling tickets, we’re about helping creators create amazing live experiences, anywhere, anyplace, anytime. No matter how large or small your next event, no matter what type, industry or catergory, or wether you want to offer tickets through us or someone else, spoutBuzz is platform partner for you.